capturing  todays memories  for tomorrow...

When I was a little girl growing up in southern California I vividly remember wanting to see pictures of myself as a baby girl. Unfortunately, my mother had precious few pictures of me as a child.  I cherished the few that she had and my experience planted the seed that would grow into my love of photography.


I received my first camera for Christmas when I was a teenager.  I was thrilled.  The seed began to sprout.  My passion grew even more when the first of my 3 children was born over 30 years ago.  I kept my camera ready to take pictures of my children at all times, anxious to capture the exciting yet fleeting moments of their youth. 


My passion is now in full bloom and that bloom has taken the form of KamWil Photography. 


Capturing and sharing quality images is a gift that I am blessed with and thankful for.  I love capturing, the joy, laughter, excitement, love, passion, surprise, innocence, beauty, and the light in the eyes of children, families and couples in a myriad of settings.  I take pride in the clarity of my photos and the way in which my clients respond to my work with wonder and surprise.


I live my life with gusto and my goal is to share my joy and passion in the images we will create together.  My camera is ready to capture the special moments in your life. 


tel: 704.369.3526